A 9-week intensive course designed to help
chronic illness/pain sufferers heal the immune system
through alternative medicine and get back
to good health


  • Ongoing pain that regular medicine does not alleviate.
  • Bloating, nausea, dehydration from regular medicine.
  • No help from your Medical Professional with diet or supplements.
  • Constant fatigue
  • Loss of appetite and taste
  • Poor sleeping habits
  • Depression from your health experience
  • Lack of motivation for life
  • The medical system you have had to negotiate has been traumatic

How To Take Responsibilty For Your Own Health

Gain a new vision for your overall health and learn the value of natural healing medicine that is almost hidden from us.

Why It's Important To Focus On Your Immune System

Learn the secret discovered by Dr Otto Warburg, Noble Prize Winner in 1931 that has been hidden from us.

There Are Many Aspects To Your Health

Learn how to embrace many different areas of your life to gain back your energy, motivation and joy for living.

I will never forget the day I was having my third infusion for Chemo. I had not slept for days. I had so much pain. When I saw my nurse I broke down in tears and said.............."I know you are all doing your best for me but there must be something you can do for me to get rid of this pain which is keeping me from sleeping” I had already been prescribed several different tablets which had only worked for a couple of days and I had been coping with this for weeks. That simply was not good enough. I needed real help to cope with the pain in my head. My nurse came back with a prescription for a much stronger tablet which I was warned I could become addicted to if I stayed on them for any length of time.
Fortunately they worked and I was mindful enough to come off them as soon as I could.

Goodness knows what I would have done if I had not been able to get some relief.

Just one of the many experiences I've had which made me realize how important it is to take reponsibility for one's own health..........Ann Batten


Having had many many challenges with health during my life - Breast Cancer, Granulomotosis with Polyangitis (GPA), Hip Replacement, two eye caratacts I have become passionate about helping others negotiate the often traumatic experiences with....... various health systems, medical professional opinions, big pharma that I encounted. There is a plathora of information on natural healing medicine that have great health benefits, that are not being promoted by mainstream medicine and it is important that the general public become aware of it. This is why I have put this course together so I can help as many people as possible find this information and benefit as I have from the information that is almost hidden and yet so valuable for our health. I invite you to join me on a voyage of discovery so you too can benefit from recapturing the best health possible.

This course will help you to understand how feeding your gut the right food will not only heal your immune system but will be the first step to getting your energy back.

You will also learn that there is no one "quick fix" thing that will cure your ills.

This course will give you a vision for your health where you will discover fun and fascinating ways to heal not just your physical body, but your spiritual soul which is so important for your overall health and life enjoyment.

How Will Your Course Be Delivered?

Each unit will commence with Video Training on a specific topic. There will be several sections to complete in each unit. At the end of each unit is a challenge to help you assimilate and action the steps that will help you heal your immune system. Although the course is designed to be completed in 9 weeks you can go at your own pace.

Downloads For Each Weekly Topic

Resources, recommendations, challenges and recipes for each topic will be available with the weekly video sessions.

Members Private Facebook Group

Participation in the members group will be so benefiticial for everyone through sharing experiences in your health journey. Questions can be asked and recommendations from participants will be welcomed.

Bonus: Free health e-books will be gifted to each participant.

This 9 Week Course - designed to give you a vision for your health will help you heal your immune system to give you back your energy and vitality for life

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